To avoid being an unreliable narrator,
I asked clients to describe their experience working with me.


Having worked with Ricki for multiple years, as well as having continuous exciting dialogues about the wellness movement, I’ve always enjoyed his perspectives, enthusiasm, creativity and positivity. There’s nobody more fun to discuss and gameplan a project with.

Bill Shufelt

Co-Founder & CEO

One part Hunter S. Thompson one part Dennis Rodman with a splash of Michelle Obama. Ricki brings the energy and intelligence needed in any organization. Or rather, the organizations that have a point of view.

Co-Founder & CCO


Ricki impressed us with his excellent writing skills from very early on. He’s proactive, full of creative ideas, and has great integrity. I’m sure he would be an asset for any employer.

CEO & Founder


Ricki’s capacity for creativity is insane. He has this rare ability to match quantity with quality. Behinds the scenes he is critical of ideas, which only allows the best ones to see the light of day. He can also get in touch with anyone. He has a charm to him.



Ricki is a rare combination of integrity, creativity, sharp wit, analytical muscle, and clear strategic vision. You will always know where you stand with Ricki, and will always realize you are better off for having him in your corner or on your team.

Founder & CEO

As much as I admire Ricki’s creative execution, it’s his standards that I value most. He simply won’t put his name on anything that isn’t top-notch. He challenged me and my projects to be better, for which I’m forever grateful.


It’s hard to talk about Ricki without dropping the c-word: “Creativity”. He found seven compelling and wildly different ways to showcase our product. He can step into the persona of a brand, go deep into features and benefits, and deliver the above in a channel optimized format.


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The dude is original, almost to a fault. Ricki has and will always be able to generate original ideas, over the years we’ve worked together, he has finely tuned his idea selection process and the execution of those ideas. Really cool to be a part of.



Ricki is an absolute creative force. He has the rare ability to be at the forefront of so many significant trends and pair that with the ability to create truly original, engaging content that you simply look forward to watching. It’s a powerful combination.


Ricki is a creative force who immerses himself in the latest marketing ideas and generates plenty of his own. From what I’ve seen, he’s equally adept at executing on these ideas and bringing his creative visions to life.


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I was impressed with Ricki’s natural marketing instincts and ability to leverage data to shape sound strategy. He does the research, challenges assumptions, and enjoys a healthy discourse. Ricki has helped us better position Betera for success.

Founder & CEO

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